The Directors

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Greg Brady CEO

The irrepressible founder and CEO of Tranquility Halo –  a Fin Tech genius – Greg is an innovative, cheeky and fun-loving team builder. He is always looking for a better way to do things..

He thrives in a fluctuating environment and can transform obstacles into opportunity.

Greg believes in listening hard first!

A former Electronics Technician and qualified member of CPA Australia, his interests include golfing and surfing.

Lyn Polglaze – Director

Lyn is a Director at Tranquility Halo.   She has qualifications in IT and computer science. And formerly worked for Commonwealth Health’s Corporate Services team. Lyn’s interests include horses and fast cars!!

The Team

Cathy Morison –  Senior Software Developer

Cathy Morison – Senior Software Developer

Cathy Morison has had over 30 years’ experience in the Information Technology industry.  Her experience encompasses:

  • Setup and administration of servers in a large server environment
  • Design and management of numerous large-scale SQL database  environments (including Informix, Oracle, Ingres, MS SQL Server)
  • Networking
  • Change control, technical documentation and development of standards
  • Business analysis
  • Database driven web application development, including two-factor authentication, payment integration, jQuery and javascript, Coldfusion, C#, VB.Net

Cathy is passionate about her Basketball.  And is a Senior Administrator for Basketball Australia.

Stuart Wallace –  Business Development Manager

Stuey Profile pic
Stuart Wallace – Business Development

Stuart is a master of B2B sales and marketing with international experience.  A born entrepreneur Stuey co-founded “Tradewinds Liquors”.  And cleverly leveraged a price appropriate product into SE Asia.  His resume includes references from the elite of SE Asian business.  He then turned his hand to high-tech computer and telecommunications. Stuey’s interest in telecommunications extends to his youth, when he locally championed a “Pirate” Radio Station.  We love him!

Stuart’s is passionate about Golf, Surfing and his beloved Parramatta Rugby League team.

Advisory Directors

These are paid positions.  And  represent future hires…

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • ‘C’ Level Management Expertise

Please hear our thoughts regarding the Future Global Executive here!!

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