This is sooo cool.   A total solar eclipse is due on the 8th of march.  The moon will pass in front of the Sun at 6pm AEST and a total eclipse will move north east through Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Borneo.

At its widest the shadow will be 156Km wide and total darkness will last between 90 seconds and 4 minutes.  (Plenty of time to cast your sacrificial virgin into the volcano!!)

Parts of Northern Australia will experience a partial eclipse.  However you can experience the event Live via the following link.  View Eclipse Live.

Also Solar Dynamics will post live images as the event takes place.   Solar Dynamics  is a really cool NASA site and I suggest you check it out anyway.





The Moon and modern satellite technology

The Moon – the Earth’s first satellite

The subject of countless poems and love songs the moon is the Earths first ever satellite.  And our first satellite is still our most beautiful and powerful.  Rolling tides, and shaping weather across the globe the moon sustains life. However it is man-made satellites that are of interest here……

Showing phases of the moon
The Moon – Earth’s first satellite – Phases


The Great Sir Isaac Newton was the first to suggest the possibility of a man-made object launched into orbit around the Earth.  I.E.  A satellite.  (Click Link for Live Newton 3 Hot Fire – Wow! )

Isaac Newton orbits and optics
Sir Isaac Newton

It stands as testimony to his genius.  

I mean, how many of us are hit on the head by an apple and invent the satellite??

This blog category will encapsulate both the history and the modern applications of satellite technology.  Right from Newton through to the latest launches and the “Commercial” Space Race.

Check out “Spot the station“, for your location!  (dates and times for the International Space Station to fly over your part part of the world! ) – Let us know how you go!